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“ The Danish start-up Retelly is currently experiencing considerable international attention for its simple way of delivering documentaries and videos from the web ” - TV2 Denmark

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“Retelly is on of the most inspiring community projects I've seen this year and I've seen the project grow from initial idea to a global platform for video lovers. I think the curation and cool design of this site is key to it's success" - Carla Cammilla I Founder of ArtRebels & Trailerpark Festival

“ Humanitarian Prank Of The Year. Watch it on Retelly (...)” - Questlove Jenkins, ⅓ of The Roots

“Besides being some really nice guys to work with, Retelly were extremely professional, flexible and delivered a spot-on product for the festival.” - Thomas Fleurquin I Distortion Festival

"Retelly is one of my preferred sources of digital culture as well as one of my favourite Copenhagen startups. The platform look and feel amazing, and, more importantly, curates kick ass content.
I've been fortunate enough to have my stuff featured there and I use it on a weekly basis when I teach my students at the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology."

- Mette Ohlendorff / Owner at Preaching To The Choir, TEDxCopenhagen Artistic Curator and lecturer of Innovation, Culture & Trends

Retelly audience: The online source for the young and hip, the fashion-and- culture obsessed. Retelly viewers are urban sophisticates and cultural trendsetters who visit to extend their knowledge beyond the confines of the magazines printed pages. Our visitors enjoy dynamic content and appreciate the way of cutting time searching for videos, using our website as a tool for both getting the best stories in living motion, and also keep themselves up to date about whats going on around the www.

Retelly Video Nights: We urge to activate our users and the video community as a whole both online and offline. Getting people together making it a social thing watching video like in the old days we host "Retelly Video Nights". We made the frame of concept in Copenhagen with art director Dennis Nguyen and has now had video nights in Amsterdam and New York City as well - more to come.

With Retelly we won 2 design awards, followed by 4 more nominees. More than 5.000.000 people have visited the site since we launched in late august 2012.

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In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience.

Tom Rønning
Ole Kassow
Valerio Sandri
Vinay Venkatraman
Terje Lade

Producer: Katrine Møbius
DOP: Mathias Arvedsen
1. Cam: Steven Tannnenberg
2. Cam: Ida Lærke Bechtle
Edit: Mathias & Steven
Motion Graphic: Rasmus Møbius
Track: Oxford - You & Me
Stills: Rasmus Preston

Being with my girlfriend for just under a year, this 30 day trip was the ultimate test in terms of our relationship. And looking back on it - it was the most amazing trip. Exploring SE Asia can be a bit harsh with long drives in very small overcrowded vans but thats nothing compared to what we experienced.Talking to people, seeing their smiles and meeting their hospitality was so powerful.

This is small bits and peaces from our trip.

Directed and edit by Mathias Arvedsen
Loads of footage by Emma Løgstrup

Shot on Canon G10 & GoPro 3+

Music by Alash Ensemble
The year is 2013 and the place is Copenhagen. The little mermaid is still hot and a party-tsunami with 111 dance floors on beautiful squares and ugly warehouses just took off with more than 100.000 people… per day. This is Distortion, one of Europe's biggest, most crazy street events. Including buses, trains, boats, even tanks!
This year, Retelly takes you through the 4 days of party extravaganza to find out what this freeform monster is all about…

More stuff about Distortion:

Concept and productions: Reproduction
DOP: Mathias Arvedsen
2. Cam: Steven Tannenberg
Editor: Mathias Arvedsen & Jens Krogshed
Color grade: Michael Ryggard
Interview: Kaave Pour
Motion Graphic: Jesper Spiegelberg
Gear: Balloon Film
I have founded a Danish non-profit charity organization called Rope of Hope. We collect money through online sale of braceletes and other donations. First year we collected approx. US$ 20.000 dollars to children of the favelas in Rio De Janeiro. The year after we have collected approx. US$ 40.000 dollars to be donated to marginalized children and youth in Cape Town, South Africa.

The total amount of money collected by our organization was transferred in full directly to the local projects. There are no administratory expenditures or profits gained within Rope of Hope.

Visit us here.

It doesn't have to be hard... Just grow a Mo'

Director: Mike Nybroe
DOP: Claus Rosenløv
Gaffer: Viggo Grumme
Producer: Maria-Louise Ottesen
Editor: Jimmy Falinski
Dancer: Rico Coker
Artistic Director: Mathias Arvedsen
Mo Bro: Asger Anderskou
Makeup: Kit Lytjohan
Colorist: Kaj Ivanovic, Chimney
Sound Design: Ole Krogstad
Track: Farhad Khamseh
Copy: Mads Kjær
Location: Danser Hallerne
VO: Dave Pettitt

Artists: De Dødelige (feat. AMRO)
Label: Sony Music Denmark
Booking: PDH Booking

Video produced by: Reproduction
Director: Mathias Arvedsen
DOP: Michael Rygaard
Edit + Grade: Mathias Arvedsen
Production coordinator: Kaave Pour
Runner: Mads Bo Iversen
Stylist: Ezra Shami & Josephina Rigall
Make-up Artist: Gitte Samsøe
Cast: Dulfi Jabouri & Stephanie Asi Brix
Dancer: Rico Coker

Music video by De Dødelige feat. AMRO performing Langt Væk Herfra. (C) 2014 Sony Music Entertainment Denmark A/S

In my first year exam we developed a campaign against destructive communication on social media. This video was a part of a bigger campaign and we got an article in Metroxpress.

Idea & production:
Rune Andersen & Mathias Arvedsen

Szhirley, Glamboy P. & Vincent F. Hendricks
Copenhagen Food part 1 - Grød

We met Lasse Andersen who followed his dream of opening the worlds first porridge bar on the cosy street Jægersborg in the heart of Nørrebro.

Made by:
Roxanne Lærkesen
Max Griffin
& Mathias Arvedsen

Copenhagen Food part 2 - Formel B

Life as a homeless can be hard in the streets of Copenhagen. You live it day by day - sometimes wanting to go to jail to get food. Michelin restaurant Formule B takes up the fight and cooks for the homeless staying at Mændenes Hjem.

We got to hear the reflections from a young chef called Nico.

Idea & Production by me.
Its Roskilde Festival and everybody know what that means. Great parties and even more great music. We took a closer look at the only music zone open all days - SonicZone. Get to know more about the zone for up-and-coming bands, new ways to engage audience and underground parties!

Concept and productions: Reproduction
DOP: Mathias Arvedsen
2. Cam: Steven Tannenberg
Editor: Mathias Arvedsen & Jens Krogshed
Color grade: Michael Ryggard
Interview: Kaave Pour
Motion Graphic: Jesper Spiegelberg
Gear: Balloon Film