F*CK, THAT'S DELICIOUS (Season 2 Trailer)

The second season of F*CK, THAT'S DELICIOUS is a literal around the world tour. Watch as Action Bronson, Big Body Bes, The Alchemist, and Meyhem Lauren continue to give you the road map of how you should be living your life. The Copenhagen episode
is co-produced by the Danish Vice office and since it's a TV channel I can only post the trailer.

Editior, MUNCHIES DK: Lars Hinnerskov Eriksen
Production Manager: Mathias Arvedsen
Production Coordinator: Mads Roikjær
Production Assistant: Marc Ingvorsen
Production Assistant: Anders Hansen
Fixer: Jonathan Soriano

Produced by Vice Media New York
Executive Producer: Lauren Cynamon
Field Producer: Jayson Haedrich
Camera Operator: Tom Gould
Camera Operator: Bernardo Garcia
Camera Assistant: Jack Newton

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SBS Australia

Radical Rewire - The Feed (AUSTRALIA IP ONLY)

How do you rewire the mind of a would-be jihadist? 

Around Australia, teenage supporters of terrorist groups like Islamic State are now the target of secretive, government-funded 'deradicalisation' programs. But what do these interventions involve? 

And with the revelation that a teenage terror suspect was part of an intervention program prior to his arrest, how do we measure success?

In this half-hour special of The Feed, we take you inside a so-called deradicalisation program with an exclusive interview with a young participant. We also hear from others at the coal face of Australia's new strategy to counter violent extremism.

Produced by SBS Australia
Supervising Producer: ...
Associated Producer/Camera: ...
Shooting DOP Denmark: Mathias Arvedsen
Producer Denmark: Andreas Digens
Editor: ...

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Sex, Violence, & The Neon Demon: VICE Talks Film
with Nicolas Winding Refn

In the run up to the release of Refn's new release "The Neon Demon," VICE meets the Director in his hometown of Copenhagen to
discuss ultraviolence on screen, and the intersection between European Cinema and Hollywood.

Produced by Vice UK
Supervising Producer: Rhys James
Host: Hannah Ewens
Associated Producer/Camera: Adrian Choa
Local Fixer/Camera: Mathias Arvedsen
Camera: Devin Yuciel
Editor: Rhiannon Mayor & Ben Melbourn

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Chef's Night Out: Kjøbenhavn

Head chef Rasmus Lund Jonasson brings his restaurant manager and a couple of old mates on a truffle, sausage and wine­fuelled quest to visit some of their favourite haunts in Copenhagen Denmark.

Produced by Vice Denmark
Producer/Director: Mathias Arvedsen
Assosiated Producer: Lars Hinnerskov
Camera: Mads Roikjær
Production Assistent: Cecilie Majland & Simon Espholm
Editor: Oliver Hagde


Lisa Lov from Relæ shows how to make Kombucha, a sweet Chinese tea made from a fermented scoby.

Produced by Vice Denmark
Producer/Director: Mathias Arvedsen

Assosiated Producer: Lars Hinnerskov
Camera: Mads Roikjær
Production Assistent: Laura Kragholm
Editor: Ognjen Curcic

Craftwerk with To Øl

In this episode of Craftwerk we meet Tobias and Tore, two high school friends from Nørrebro in Copenhagen, who run the brewery To Øl ('two beers'). We join them at the opening of their new brewpub and restaurant, Brus, where they hand out thousands of free beer at the launch party.

Produced by Vice Denmark
Producer/Director: Mathias Arvedsen

Assosiated Producer: Lars Hinnerskov
Camera: Mads Roikjær

Production Assistent: Simon Espholm
Editor: Oliver Hagde

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Zanzibar from above

21 days on Zanzibar with unforgettable moments. Stone Town, Jambiani, Paje, Matemwe, Kizimkazi and Makunduchi is some of the places featured in this film. Beautiful nature, delicious fruit and smiling openminded people is three of many reasons to go there.

Did you know the shortest war ever recorded by man is the Anglo-Zanzibar War where the British bombarded the Beit al Hukum Palace and after 38 minutes, a ceasefire was called.

Gear: DJI Phantom 3 Pro, GoPro Hero 3+ & Canon 5DMKIII
Track: I see you from the clouds
Thanks to

- Winner in the Landscape/Travel/Natural Wonder Category of the 2016 Bay Area Drone Film Festival held in Santa Clara, CA.
- Official Selected and screened at the 2016 US Drone Film Festival held in Oklahoma City Museum of Arts, Oklahoma City, OK
- Official Selected and screened at the 2016 Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles held in Regal Cinemas, Los Angeles, CA
- Highlighted as Travel video of the week by National Geographic Traveller
- 10 "Must Follow" Zanzibar Influencers on Social Media by Hey! Dip Your Toes In



Produced by Vice News Global
Editor at Vice DK: Ian Moore
Host: Aws Al-Jezairy
Journalist: Katie Engelhart
A Photo: Phil Caller
B Photo: Mathias Arvedsen
Editor: Daniel Bateman
Fixer: Andreas Müller Digens


Produced by Vice Denmark
Editor at Vice DK: Ian Moore
Shooter and edit: Mathias Arvedsen

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VICE ON DR3 - TRAiler 


E05 - The Drug Users & Limboland
E06 - Illegal Street Racing & The New Right Wing
E07 - After The War & Anti Fracking With Greenpeace
E08 - Fighting IS

E01 - The Danish Jihadists
E02 - The White Terrorist & Danish Pegida
E03 - Blockupy Frankfurt & Returning To The Holy Land
E04 - Bareback Sex & Danish Graffitty

Produced by Vice Denmark & DR Ung
Videographer and Fieldproducer: Mathias Arvedsen

The series got nominated for the Danish TV awards (TV Prisen) for the best Current Affairs program in 2015.

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De Dødelige - os to

Video produced by Reproduction
Directed by Mathias Arvedsen
Shooting DOP: Michael Rygaard
Edit + Grade: Mathias Arvedsen
Production coordinator: Kaave Pour
Runner: Mads Bo Iversen
Styling: Ezra Shami & Josephina Rigall
Make-up: Gitte Samsøe
Cast: Dulfi Jabouri & Stephanie Asi Brix
Dancer: Rico Coker

Santiago - tmbia 

Director: Mathias Arvedsen
Shooting DOP: Michael Rygaard
Produced by Arvedsen & Rygaard
Label/Management: Catbear Management
Editor: Mathias Arvedsen & Michael Rygaard
Color correction: Mathias Arvedsen & Michael Rygaard
Make-up: Anne Staunsager
Caster: Stina Bohn Ipsen
Cast: Martin Hestbæk & Rebecca Angelova



God Morgon tests out what makes a good morning! Is it waking up in a good morning mood? Enjoying some of the best breakfast around the world? Fresh breakfast juice? There are many ways of making our mornings better - but a great way, is spending it together...

Produced by Vice Media
Client: Rynkeby God Morgon
Account Director: Sofie Wichmann
Producer: Audun Wittenberg & Sara Samsøe
Director: Kasper Torsting
Photography: Aske Foss, Joao Botello & Mathias Arvedsen
Concept Development: Benjamin Bang & Morten Grubak


Noa noa ss14

DOP: Michael Rygaard
Editor: Mathias Arvedsen
Produced by Kam & Co
Model: Gertrud Hegelund
Music: Dj Djuna Barnes

nikoline andersen

DOP: Michael Rygaard
Editor: Mathias Arvedsen
Starring Mette Lindberg
Design & Art: Nikoline Liv Andersen
Makeup: Anne Staunsager
Hair: Lasse Pedersen

noa noa kids 14

DOP: Michael Rygaard
Editor: Mathias Arvedsen
Produced by Kam & Co.

MOVEMber the daNCe

Director: Mike Nybroe
DOP: Claus Rosenløv
Gaffer: Viggo Grumme
Producer: Maria-Louise Ottesen
Editor: Jimmy Falinski
Dancer: Rico Coker
Artistic Director: Mathias Arvedsen
Mo Bro: Asger Anderskou

Makeup: Kit Lytjohan
Colorist: Kaj Ivanovic, Chimney
Sound Design: Ole Krogstad
Track: Farhad Khamseh
Copy: Mads Kjær
Location: Danser Hallerne
VO: Dave Pettitt


the future of 3d printing

Idea & Production:
Rune Andersen & Mathias Arvedsen

Music: Chris Zabriskie & akaUNO

south east asia btl

Shooter and editor: Mathias Arvedsen
Loads of footage: Emma Løgstrup
Music: Alash Ensemble

TEDx mobility

Producer: Katrine Møbius
Shooting DOP: Mathias Arvedsen
B cam: Steven Tannenberg
C cam : Ida Lærke Bechtle
Editor: Mathias & Steven
Motion Graphic: Rasmus Møbius
Track: Oxford - You & Me

stripped program trailer

Production by DR
Director: Rune Andersen
Shooting DOP: Mathias Arvedsen
Editor: Rune & Mathias

Retelly at Distortion CPH - trailer


Concept and productions by Reproduction
Shooting DOP: Mathias Arvedsen
B Cam: Steven Tannenberg
Editors: Mathias Arvedsen & Jens Krogshed


Color grade: Michael Rygaard
Interview: Kaave Pour
Motion Graphic: Jesper Spiegelberg
Gear from Balloon Film

Watch the series here

retelly at ROSKILDE FESTIVAL - trailer


Color grade: Michael Rygaard
Interview: Kaave Pour
Motion Graphic: Jesper Spiegelberg
Gear: Balloon Film

Concept and productions by Reproduction
Shooting DOP: Mathias Arvedsen
B Cam: Steven Tannenberg
Editor: Mathias Arvedsen & Jens Krogshed


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